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How To Calculate Debt-To-Income Ratio In the UK

Effective management of personal finances involves not only budgeting and saving but also understanding and utilizing various financial ratios. One such crucial ratio that provides valuable insights into an individual's financial health is the debt-to-income ratio (DTI). The debt-to-income ratio is a powerful tool that measures the proportion of an individual's monthly debt payments to their monthly income. By calculating it with  the... ❯❯❯

Understanding the Types of Bad Credit Loans

Introduction Loans for individuals with "bad credit" may have unfavourable terms, such as high charges and interest rates. Before borrowing money, ensure that you thoroughly look at your loan agreements and options, which may include cash advances, car loans, friends lending money, and personal loans. If you are looking for loans online for bad credit, you must first learn about the types of loans you can get on a bad credit score.... ❯❯❯

What Events Can a Financial Planner Help With And Prepare You For?

What Events Can a Financial Planner Help With And Prepare You For?From job changes to unexpected retirements or new life and death in a family, many unpredictable events happen over the average lifespan that may seem daunting to broach in theory. Still, they can be prepared in terms of financial means. Preparing your finances in anticipation of various life events can be accomplished with the assistance of a financial planner, where valuable guidance can be procured and utilized during a number of... ❯❯❯

How to Make Your Money Work for You When Moving

Whether you are planning on moving to a different city or country, there are several things you should consider before you commit to a move. One of those things is how to make your money work for you. Have Insurance cover When you are thinking about moving interstate or locally, it is sometimes confusing towards what insurance cover your interstate removalists can provide you with. It is also the very reason why many choose to forgo... ❯❯❯

How Blockchain Is Helping The Digitization Of Trade Under Covid

A blockchain is a shared distributed database or ledger between computer network nodes, which serves as an electronic database for storing data in digital form. The most common use of blockchain technology is for maintaining a safe, decentralised record of transactions in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems. In blockchain, data is organised differently than how data is usually stored. Each chain in a ‘blockchain’ is made up of... ❯❯❯

Stages in Life Where Financial Planners Can Help

Life never remains the same, particularly as you age and begin entering different adulthood stages. Much like life, your financial status is also liable to change and constantly modify, never remaining completely stagnant for very long until a portion of the money is added or lost due to various events. But as you grow, saving money and ensuring you have some tucked away in anticipation of certain events that could transpire will... ❯❯❯

First Home Owners Grant

The Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant is a state government initiative to help first homeowners to get their new first house sooner. The grant amount has varied since it was first introduced in 2000. Contracts dated earlier than 1 July 2018 may still be eligible for a grant. How much is the First Home Owners grant? The value of your first home including the land must be below $750,000. You’ll get $15,000 towards buying or building... ❯❯❯

Maximizing Savings: How to Use a VPN for Online Shopping

Maximizing Savings: How to Use a VPN for Online ShoppingShopping online has become increasingly popular, but it's important to find ways to save money while doing so. One effective way to save money is by using a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN not only protects your online privacy and security, but it can also help you access better deals and discounts. In this article, we will explore how to use VPN to save money online. We will cover the benefits of using a VPN, how to choose the... ❯❯❯

Do I Lose My Assets With a Consumer Proposal?

Do I Lose My Assets With a Consumer Proposal?You may consider filing a consumer proposal if you struggle to keep up with your debt payments instead of turning to bankruptcy companies. But you may wonder if a consumer proposal means you'll lose your assets - which is what this article aims to answer. Read on to find out how a consumer proposal works and what to do if you want to keep your assets through this debt relief process. What Is A Consumer Proposal? Simply put, a... ❯❯❯

How Does A Consumer Proposal Affect My Credit?

How Does A Consumer Proposal Affect My Credit?Getting into debt can be hard to deal with, especially if it keeps getting worse and worse. Fortunately, there are different solutions to help you get out of debt fast. People turn to bankruptcy companies or get a consumer proposal, allowing them to pay off their debts in one lump sum instead of dealing with creditors individually. But before deciding whether or not this solution is right for you, it's important to understand how a... ❯❯❯