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Strategic Innovations That Investment Companies Are Bringing In To The UAE Market

The UAE has among the largest and most stable economies in the world. With an economic freedom score of 70.2, it has become the 33rd freest in the 2022 Index. Due to its robust business environment and investor-friendly regulations that continue to improve each year, strategic innovations from investment companies in the UAE continue to emerge to encourage investors all over the world to make a UAE or Dubai investment.

Crypto and Blockchain

The UAE has positioned itself as the leading country to bring technological transformation into the next level. Implementing laws that would regulate the trading and investment of  virtual assets in the free zones, investors all over the world can now make safe investments in the UAE’s crypto and blockchain industry.

To help propel these advancements, one of the leading companies in the UAE, AIX Investment, brought successful deliverables during the second quarter of 2022 that focused on one of the biggest trends in the market – blockchain technology. Through their business plan and innovative investment product, AIX Dynamic, the company was able to attract new investors and contribute to the success of the UAE as a global crypto hub through fundamental and technical analysis, as well as advanced risk management systems.

Empowering Through Education

According to experts, one of the biggest challenges that financial advisors face globally is constructing a portfolio that reduces risk while enhancing returns. With this, top investment companies in the UAE have resorted to education in order to equip their financial advisors to provide better and more sound investment advisories to clients. Not only did this contribute to the robust investment market of the country and encouraged more people to invest in Dubai, but it also allowed them to balance asset growth with capital security.

Leading firms in the country have even partnered with Harvard Business School to provide certified training courses on Alternative Investments to advance the mastery of their financial advisors. Through an intensive course that lasted over five weeks, many of them were able to enhance their knowledge and skills on keeping up with the evolving market trends of the country and give the best services to investors.

Establishing Partnerships

Endorsements and partnerships influence the market in a powerful way. Seeing public figures and respectable individuals endorse a product or service would encourage more customers to buy or engage in it. This is also true to investments.

Being one of the leading investment firms in the UAE, AIX Investment established a partnership with RC Celta, a Spanish professional football club. To make the country known for its safe and robust investment market, the team showcased a jersey with the company’s logo on the left sleeve for the next season. Aside from this, the company also sponsored Fursan Hispania FC, an Emirati football club that emerged as the winners during the UAE Second Division League 2021/2022.

As many top investment companies continue to establish thriving partnerships like these, the more likely it is for more people globally to look into the investment market of the UAE and further contribute to its economy.

Key Takeaway

Top investment firms in the UAE continue to engage in innovative strategies to propel the country as one of the largest investment hubs in the world. Make safe investments in Dubai today and grow your assets in the stable and rich economy of the UAE.