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Be Aware of Rogue Debt Management Companies

Debt is nothing new in society today but with a recession, it can get worse - especially for those who were not having problems before. When you notice that your debt is mounting, the best option might be to seek help from good professional sources. But, how can you be sure that the debt management company you choose is the right one?

It would be nice if everyone who says that they are out to help you really was. Unfortunately that is not the case. There are debt management companies out there who are not what they appear. They hide under the guise of helping you, but really they are out to collect money and leave you in the lurch.

The lurch is not just an ever-mounting pile of credit card debt; it can be your home. Many have lost their homes due to the recession and also charlatan companies who donít really offer the help that you need.

This is not to say that there arenít good companies out there. People can find help but they have to do their homework to get the best debt professionals. So, how can you tell a good apple from a bad one? Here are some traits of a good company.

* They are professional: Even if you donít know much about how debt consolidation works, you can tell if you are being insulted by the financial assistant assigned to help you. It is not professional to judge or talk down to your clients. Also, people who donít even ask for your information before they start recommending expensive options are not interested in helping you - only themselves. If they make you uncomfortable, then keep looking for someone else.

* They are registered with the Better Business Bureau: You can check here and also with the local Chamber of Commerce for further information about debt management companies. If you have chosen one that looks good but has had complaints lodged against them, they are not for you.

* They keep you informed: It is the job of the debt consolidation company to negotiate with your creditors to lower interest rates or payments. They also need to keep you in the loop about how the process is going. In the meantime, they can advise you as to how to deal with your creditors as they are working with them too. Anyone who doesnít call needs to go.

* Good advice: Are they advising you to not pay your creditors in the meantime? What about the price of their services? Do they want you to take the most expensive plan and make promises that they canít possibly keep? Getting out of debt requires hard work and consistency on your part. There is no easy road even if they promise it.

Choose a debt consolidation company that will work with you, gives good advice, has a good reputation and gives you a good vibe when you talk to them. Trust your gut because this is your financial future at stake.